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Stats & Permissions meme

Age: 17, appears around 14-15
Height: around Seregil's height, 5'2" or so
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond, tends towards a bit overgrown
Physical traits: Of a size with Seregil and with a great deal of growing left to do, Alec is however filling out a bit better, his shoulders broadening and chest filling out etc. In a few years (or, given his blood, a few and then a few MORE), he'll probably be a decently-sized man if a bit on the slender side due to his faie blood. He's definitely somewhat developed in the upper body as he's a fantastic archer and spent almost all his childhood on the plains, trapping and catching animals for food and trade.
What's NOT Okay To Mention Around Him: Human sacrifice and the resurrection of dark gods will definitely make him inclined to kill you now before bad shit happens (he was, unfortunately, witness to mass human sacrifice for that very purpose). You can mention just about anything because Alec's biggest, number one skill is coping with anything that's happening and just forcing his way on to deal with things. I'd prefer it not be mentioned that he's fictional, though.
Abilities: Nightrunning -- B&E, climbing, lock-picking, all manner of slight of hand, disguise, and acting. Both he and Seregil are used to changing things like expressions and tones of voice and diction to come across as completely different people as the situation calls for it. He's also a good singer. He's a fantastic archer -- I'm pretty sure he almost never misses a shot that he chooses not to miss and early in the first book he earns himself permission to own one of the near-legendary Black Radly bows, which people have to pass a difficult archery test to even be allowed to buy. In the third book he spends a lot of time in archery contests and tests of skill, and ends up covered in winning charms, pretty much. He's okay with a sword and a knife and has no magical abilities. He also has the extremely rare ability to make Seregil see sense.
Notes for the Psychics: You CAN go into his mind if you want, because Alec is fairly constantly a badtouched kind of guy, but it will probably bring back trauma as he was very recently mentally tortured and psychically raped for information by a mind-reader.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: No problem! Just talk to me.
Maim/Murder/Death: I don't really want Alec to die if it can be at all avoided, but I'm okay with having him get into fights and hurt in them. Just note that if it's that heavy a fight, and he has his bow, he is really good with the bow and doesn't hesitate to shoot to kill when lives are on the line.
Cooking: He can do it! He's been catching game and cooking it most of his life, but most of what he can cook is pretty basic country fare -- rabbits on spits, venison stew, that kind of thing. He also is slowly learning how to eat like just about anyone from any level of society, but upper-class shellfish eating still terrifies him.
Kissing/Hugging: Oh, absolutely. Seregil won't like it, but it's just what happens to Alec. I'm not even kidding that his very first scene in the second book has a young woman mistaking him for her secret lover, grabbing his hand, and making him grope her naked body all over until he kisses her to get her to let go and can escape. So basically go for it. But you may have an irritated Nightrunner wanting to get back at you after.
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