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The Rhíminee Cat

During our apps, and the resulting comments, some of you may have noticed references to something called the Rhíminee Cat. This is, essentially, Seregil and Alec's identity as thieves. You see, Seregil came to the city of Rhíminee, had a bunch of things happen, and eventually decided to become a gentleman thief of a sort. He soon had it passed around that if you leave discreet inquiries with the right people, you can get a message to the mysterious and anonymous Rhíminee Cat (a hideous person nobody would ever want to meet in person, of course), and get your illicit business conducted for a modest fee. Once Seregil took in and trained Alec, Alec too became the Rhíminee Cat -- the two of them divide up the easier jobs and work together on the harder ones.

The thing is, it's also not just thieving! As long as it involves something sneaky, usually B&E, the Rhíminee Cat will take the job. They will take work ranging from vitally important theft of the documents of nobles, to the retrieval of unfortunately implicating letters before they could smear the name of a noblewoman, to delivering a love token from a youth to the young girl he's wooing.

Once Alec and Seregil have settled into camp a little, a discreet ballot box (or something of the sort) will be appearing in the mess hall, and situations will be arranged so we can start introducing the Fuck You Cat, which is perhaps unfortunately named. The Cat will be glad to handle your business for you. ♥

We aren't going to start it up just yet -- again, we're going to wait until they're a bit settled in -- but I thought I'd open this post now. Feel free to leave your requests for the aid of some professional sneaks and second-story men, no business to large and no business too small. When we get to that point, we'll work it out with everyone who'd be involved and get an IC post/thread going for it.

Comment here with your requests of the Cat!
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